Karri McKinsey-Kuhls

Client Advisor - Diva of Possibility

With great enthusiasm we would like to introduce Karri McKinsey-Kuhls, a dynamic addition to our team. In her role as Client Advisor – Diva of Possibility, Karri is the powerhouse committed to bridging the gap between your needs and our products. She perfectly embodies the dual essence of professionalism and vivacity that is at the heart of our brand. When she says, "If you can print on it, we can do it!" she means it.

With an impressive background in sales, Karri brings a wealth of knowledge and practical expertise to our team. Her knack for establishing productive client relationships, coupled with her sharp business acumen, makes her an asset at KC Spirit Wear.But, Karri is not your average Client Advisor. What truly differentiates Karri, though, is her infectious enthusiasm and relentless optimism, captured in her distinctive title 'Diva of Possibility.' She sees every challenge as an opportunity to explore new avenues and help our clients unlock their creative potential. With her resilient spirit, there is no request too complex, nor a vision too extravagant to bring to life.

At KC Spiritwear, we specialize in screen print and embroidery for school and corporate apparel. In Karri's capable hands, your vision isn't just another order – it’s a project, an adventure, a story waiting to be told through screen prints and embroidery.

And she can't wait to write that story with you...