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Cody & Kelly are two Northwest Olathe residents who are proud of their community and share a passion for design! From beginnings in website design and social media marketing, this passion has grown in to a flourishing graphic design firm; with services ranging from small business branding, marketing and design to the creation of custom teacher planners and now printed gear for your school, business, or personal wardrobe!

KC Spirit wear
Why KC Spirit wear
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✓  Set your own Selling price
✓  Most schools make 50% of all sales
✓  Offer multiple designs on many styles
✓  All orders are sorted and packaged before delivery
✓  We handle orders! Both online and paper
✓  We only sell what we would wear!


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The duo have three children that provide fountains of inspiration to fuel their graphic creativity. This inspiration comes from watching them play with neighborhood friends, and sometimes reproducing the crazy things kids say on to tees. Their involvement in the Olathe community is the heartbeat of KC Spirit Wear, including their devotion to their local church, the school district and numerous Johnson County businesses.